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Global enterprises are often at pains to maintain as many web-fronts as they have countries and languages of operation. Complexity of managing languages, and not just country specific product variants, forces global enterprises settle for this expensive and hard to maintain way of working. Language agnostic unified customer engagement has been the holy grail CX leaders have been in search of.

Sainapse Language Switch enables customers use language of choice via globally unified engagement platform. All of Sainapse’ capabilities across triaging, multi-source recommendation, cross platform remedia-tion and theme discovery work seamlessly behind this switch pulling in appropriate data depending on language used.

For instance, a car owner from Paris, vacationing in the beautiful Pindus hills of Greece gets the right page of her French product manual on asking about warning lights. Greek variant of the same car sold by same company has different settings but that does not confuse Sainapse, as Language Switch aided by underlying CRM classifies her question appropriately, despite her being in Greece and routes the search to appropriate (in this case French) knowledge base.

Just behind her an Italian tourist driving an older Italian variant of same model reports about a sputtering engine. Sainapse, driving unified customer engagement, gets the 5 steps, this time fetched from a FAQ document created by Italian operation 4 years back.

Sainapse uses generalized independence of Bayesian Model to detect languages and has already been tested for over 100 languages. Single instance of Sainapse is good to go with as many languages as the enterprise has data for.

Sainapse – Natively omni-lingual, no dictionaries or language packs

Experience impact in weeks, not months

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