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Most frustrating experience in a search comes at a time when someone passes a 350 page book and says ‘you got your answer here’. Thank you but where exactly will I find what I am looking for? Answer to that follow on question typically hangs in the air and we gradually settle back with

Failure of search engines to narrow down to page, record, image hidden inside a larger document or database has perpetuated dependence of customer support agents on their SMEs. In turn this has led to longer call times and therefore cost of support operations.

Thankfully most car companies have identified the top frequently asked questions from new owners and got nice videos made on them in almost every major language. These video files are named as such and also tagged with commonly used words. Imagine our plight should they not be available and support staff hunting through 175 page manuals.

But one can’t do the same with every possible question that may arise during usage of home appliances. It gets more complex with industrial products, enterprise software and project sales. At the core of this problem lies inability of ascertaining that answer to ‘how to store FM channel’ is in Page 37 (or page 40 say) and open that up on our mobiles.

Enterprise search engines have not been able to raise this bar either – resulting in swivel chair life of customer support agents as they struggle to correlate knowledge bases within CRM with those outside with as her only true partner.

Sainapse recognizes each page of product manual and each record of large database as the basic building block of knowledge. Sainapse therefore is able to relate ‘prob-lem intent’ of query with appropriate knowledge element at an atomic level.

With Sainapse agents get to see all relevant knowledge elements federated from across enterprise sources collated and presented together on single pane of glass. Sainapse obviates need for toggle and swivel chairs. Agents can select from among the recommended knowledge elements across data types and sources, collate them for connecting the dots and proceed with their problem solving actions.

Sainapse recommendation rendered at page and record level makes search results usable for closing customer requests – INSTANT FIRST TIME RIGHT

Experience impact in weeks, not months

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