Client communication management services

For a customer, best experience of support is preventing any issue from occurring. Short of this utopia, intelligent self help that gets customer’s issue solved as soon as she reports it through channel of her choice is most preferred option.

Pursuit of self-help has been going on for decades, but most initiatives fail either by trying to push too many types of issues to self-help thus frustrating customers with irrelevant responses, or too few issues to make the whole initiative worthwhile. Confidence in accuracy of self-help responses are not measured in-situ, and hence any analysis of customer experience is necessarily a postmortem.

Now overlay complexity of diverse downstream systems where action needs to be taken to solve customer issues – field services activation, parts check and order, sched-uling visits, informing customer etc. Given staggered adoption of such systems, they don’t necessarily talk to each other. It takes a customer support agent to look into each of these downstream systems and stitch a solution for customers.

Automation by itself only addresses part of this issue. Decision to invoke a particular bot or script is still a judgment call to be taken by an agent based on her assessment of situation. Any interim steps where a definitive direction is not provided leads bots to return to a human, awaiting next set of instructions.

Sainapse, with its industry beating accuracy, takes this problem head on. Each customer query is analyzed and provided with not just solution recommendations but also best next step action(s). This follow-on next steps can be presented to a support agent to validate and execute (assistive mode) or Sainapse can straightaway orches-trate the resolution actions without involving a human validation step (autonomous mode). Sainapse not just triggers downstream action, Sainapse tracks it to comple-tion and has an inbuilt exception handling process to address any failure in orchestration. And it is not an all or nothing for going autonomous. As Sainapse gets deeper into a process, its accuracy shoots up and those issues for which confidence in accuracy of Sainapse’s recom-mendation is high can be turned autonomous, while rest stay assistive.

Hoops than an enterprise jumps through to solve custom-er’s issues is of no concern to her – she cares only about the correctness of solution and time taken for it. Sainapse enables you to switch between the two modes seamlessly and transparently for her.

Likewise a Distributor/Dealer’s service engineer could go straight to appropriate engineering drawing or circuit diagram, open up associated spec sheet and bill of material excel just on asking for it - as he starts his shift in a remote service center.

Experience impact in weeks, not months

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