Architected to overcome impediments to AI adoption in enterprises - protecting existing technology investments, obviating need for data cleansing, rendering granularity and delivering impact

Sainapse architecture

Sainapse design principles

Purpose built algorithms that deliver enterprise class accuracy
Enterprise applications and processes demand stability of accuracy performance across transaction complexity levels. Sainapse hits 70% at post training instant and climbs to 90% in 90 days.
Business speaks in language of its own not found in grammar books
Enterprise engineers and customers in multi-lingual cultures use everyday words from across languages. Company specific acronyms and technical expressions get added to that. Sainapse is designed to learn ‘language’ from enterprise data.
Enterprises seldom have large volumes of clean data
Product lifecycles, market specific variants, ever changing business processes and employee churn lead to fragmentation and varying quality of enterprise data across languages and data stores. Sainapse is designed to learn from data as-is without spawning a pre-req data cleaning.
Ability to scale is table stakes for enterprises
Sainapse is architected to allow seamless addition of input data device with new data types. In addition Sainapse recommends and orchestrates next step actions via any enterprise systems or platforms. Designed for growing volumes, Sainapse is truly enterprise ready.
Intelligence inside. Power up existing tech investments
Sainapse is click wrapped to transform Customer Support and Engineer Support end to end. Sainapse eases into existing tech landscapes requiring no customer end data science work or change in process. Sainapse architecture allows for bolt-on’s to ease adoption and deliver impact across value chain.
Global operations require security and privacy standards embedded
Sainapse is native designed to spot PIIs and blank them out to ensure best in class privacy standards alignment. Being available within enterprise firewalls with no API calls, Sainapse adds no vulnerabilities to existing security landscape.
Deliver value at lowest TCO
Sainapse 1.9 delivers dramatic reduction across solution time in customer support and search time in engineer support without needing expensive GPUs. With abilities to learn from low data volume Sainapse is super light-weight and beats the best in RoI.

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