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Enterprise customers and users continue to fall back on last century that is even assuming the solution/intelligence/search helps identify the right document, article or knowledge base to address the reported problem. Sainapse addresses this last mile pain delivering not just an the link to the document but takes the user to the “most relevant” page that provides the solution(s) obviating need for .

Sainapse identifies each piece of information i.e. CRM/SM records, attachments, knowledge articles as individual Information Unit. Each Information Unit comprises of linear collection of atomic records. This allows Sainapse to identify each pdf document as an Information Unit and each page as a record within it. Same is true for each row in and XL file. Sainapse recommendation then works on this level of atomicity with an inherent ability to trace back to its source.

Sainapse bases this smart approach of search granularity on an equally smart-designed internal architecture. Sainapse architecture (a collection of InfoChannels) is designed to run with diverse data generating processes, data sources, rendering needs and navigation mechanism. Abstracted navigation mechanism captured as part of Information Unit allows Sainapse to render user navigation along dimensions of relevance and spatial proximity.

Impact of search granularity makes the real difference to a consuming user, agent or engineer and delivers nearly half of the overall solution time reduction impact that Sainapse offers – making it stand out against both generic platform and other product options.

For instance a driver exploring how to switch to ‘sports mode’ in her new car need not call the contact center and could instead use her app to be taken straight to page of manual that lists this ‘how to’

Likewise a Distributor/Dealer’s service engineer could go straight to appropriate engineering drawing or circuit diagram, open up associated spec sheet and bill of material excel just on asking for it - as he starts his shift in a remote service center.

Experience impact in weeks, not months

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