Sainapse getting started

Impediments to AI led transformation

Lack of clarity on size of prize

Generic algorithms fall short on enterprise accuracy expectations

Business speaks in Spanglish, Denglische & acronyms

Time & money needed to clean data

Lack of data science skills

Our approach

1.Identify opportunity

Is it Sainapse-time?

Would 50% cost take-out from customer support ops be impactful? Are your engineers spending more than 30% of their time searching for what they need? Has COVID impacted you? If your answer to any of these 3 is Yes, it is Sainapse time.

2.Establish proof of concept

What’s my size of price?

Real proof of impact is in seeing Sainapse work with your data and your processes. We run 3-day pilots to estimate size of price and time to impact

3.Realize impact

How difficult is the journey?

PACE (Prepare-Act-Climb-Enhance) is Sainapse’s way to execute risk-mitigated transformation. PACE powers transition to new mode of operations.

4.Roll it out

How do I maximize Sainapse impact across organization?

Omni-lingual capability, ease of configuration, speed to learn - Sainapse is designed to support global operations, across functions & business units.


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Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar

NTT DATA, SVP Global delivery.