Best omnichannel customer support software

Imagine coming to work early and logging with a coffee in hand and discovering your screen is locked and someone asking for your credit card. You know immediately it’s a ransom ware attack and folks need to be informed not to try anything creative. You use your corporate collaboration tool and send a message. Its super early in the day and Tokyo office has logged out already. ‘Follow the sun’ engineers in India seem to be effected by the terrible cyclone that’s lashed onto shores of Chennai with high tide and water logging all around the city. You look at your watch and not sure you can call Siva, your CIO, so early

Now imagine Sainapse with its intelligence inside. It picks your message up from employee channel, understands what’s gone wrong, sends across a warning text to all employees globally to stand down and wait further instructions, informs security service provider to jump in and of course wakes Siva up….luckily he was done with showers by then.

Cut to an engineering shop-floor still using a last gen VFD with side vents that regularly lead to dust related challenges. The manufacturer, one of global top 5 has 250,000 documents accessible by customers via their support portal. Finding an answer through that gigantic site is an exercise that you have tried but don’t look forward to. You have tried to move to a different model but budgets are a challenge with Covid. You send a mail to the manufacturer’s local office as you always do. You avoid the support site route as you prefer to connect with local office which is way more responsive.

You know you will now need to speak a few times with a few folks, refer to your past issues and get the case routed to Albuquerque as those folks understand your context much better.Just after last Thanksgiving you had a similar situation and after trying out few steps yourself you had to finally fly in an Engineer who spent quite a few hours to get the drive up. You suspect you have the same situation again and wondering how long it will take to get to Albuquerque first and then get someone down. You also hope that the local office would have the spares for this old model and you wont have to further wait.

Now think of Sainapse powering up manufacturer’s site and support systems. Quite likely it will save you the menu driven search and take you to the first level diagnostic 6 steps on page 94 of the Manual. Sainapse brings together discussion forum responses and you are happy to note from fellow engineers’ comments that spares should be aplenty in local office. You finally raise a ‘case’ attaching a photo of your drive and within moments get a response that your problem has been classified for onsite support and accordingly Field Service function has been activated. Few minutes pass and you now have name of allocated engineer and seems like if airports don’t shut she will be with you next Tuesday.

In both examples Sainapse makes contextual meaning out of customer complaint, identifies resolutions with high confidence and autonomously activates multiple downstream workflows across message channels or Enterprise CRM modules.

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