Studies done by consulting firms, tool vendors and even government agencies have confirmed engineers across manufacturing, design and maintenance lost significant time searching for information. Proliferation of new production sites in different language geography and increasing number of enterprise data sources and systems have only complicated matters.

Why Sainapse?

  1. Reach - Cut across data formats including engineering drawings and images from both structured & unstructured data sources because that’s what’s needed to connect the dots.
  2. Relevance & rendering - Understand intent beyond keywords and programmed expression lists even in mixed language situations. Render relevance rank results down to a page, paragraph and record so that engineers do not have to f.
  1. De-duplicate - Get 360 picture in complex fix or NPD situations with real time de-dup of components when you search.
  2. Next step action - move to next steps with search results seamlessly on existing enterprise collaboration platform.
  3. Privacy - ensure names and addresses never come up in any search result and are blanked out.
  4. Readiness - no pre-processing of existing data, no need for labelling, cataloguing or indexing to get going.

Best of enterprise AI
Stop searching. Start solving.