Who we are:

Bayestree Intelligence is an Accel funded deep tech enterprise AI product startup founded in May  2017. Bayestree’s three founders have between themselves 25 person years with SAP and 14  person years in ML leadership with Microsoft not to mention a decade with McKinsey, Siemens and  leading global Telcos and PEs. Sainapse, Bayestree’s ML product  - Sainapse to reimagine customer engagement and experience, is purpose built with multiple patent pending technologies. Sainapse is already at play with two Fortune 100s, multiple Big 4 Audit & Advisory firms and other enterprises  across Pharma, Telco, Education Services, Automotive and now Financial Services as well.

Do you want to influence the course of family of products that advances frontier of automated learning? Do you want to participate in the design of universal (intelligent) data operating system aided by programmable control to address needs of the enterprise world? Do you want to be part of a design group that has been challenging each other moving the needle of innovation passionately and harmoniously? What about architecture of testing such a complex product with noisy inputs? How do we envision the design of an extensible, low latency UI aided by powerful visualization of complex multidimensional data?  

If the answer to all the above is YES, Bayestree’s RTP (Research, Technology & Platform) group is the home for you! 

At RTP, we have several openings for each of core Software Development, Automation & Testing, Program Management and Extensible UX functions. 

About the role:

Job Title:

UI Specialist


5-7 years of UI development experience after B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Sc

What we expect from you:

In this role, you need to 

  • generalize heterogenous process workflows, understand and visualize effective user actions and implement the same as platform in AI products – creating and using reusable components
  •  Build low latency extensible, customizable UI framework to cater for heterogenous custom landscape for AI/ML products

You must have:

  • 5-7 years of UI development experience after B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Sc
  • in depth understanding of
    • Single Page application development
    • JSX layout dynamics and styling (JSX, JSS)
    • global state management libraries e.g. Redux
  • proficiency in
    •  JavaScript functional programming techniques 
    • JS Array functions
    • building pure JS functions
    • modular JS development, and 
    • using Webpack bundling
  • extensive exposure to full life cycle enterprise product development in an agile gitlab/github environment 
  • [Desirable] high level of skill with UI frameworks such as Material-UI (React) and Prime React

Number of Open Positions: