Who we are:

Do you want to

  • influence course of automated learning in the Enterprise AI world?
  • participate in design of universal (intelligent) data operating system aided by programmable control ?
  • be part of a high performance team that moves the needle of innovation passionately everyday ?
  • create an architecture that would test a complex AI product with noisy inputs ?
  • understand how we envision design of an extensible, low latency UI in complex multidimensional data context ?

If the answer to all of above is YES, Sainapse is the home waiting for you!

At Sainapse, we have been generalizing concept of heterogenous data, control & intelligence to serve needs of enterprise customers. You will get opportunities to work on distributed systems, intelligent platforms powered by high dimensional big data with its underlying geometry, and scalable enterprise architecture. Aided by Sainapse’s new concept of Information Channel, Information Units for dynamic data grouping & routing, you will be constantly innovating the world of ‘intelligent data management & inferencing’.

Testing of such technology brings in unique challenges due to inherent noise in data that may not necessarily give repeatable results for every run.

  • How do you test a learning system that is stochastic in nature?
  • How do you compute proximity to test results across runs within a release and releases to infer regression?
  • Can you model performance of a stochastic system by discovering invariants across intelligent functions?

At Sainapse, we routinely solve for each of the above questions.


Software Development Engineer (SDE)

What we except from you:

We offer you a scintillating (start-up) environment thriving on innovation and to be part of designing AI products having huge impact in the industry. As a SDE in this role, you need to:

  • deliver (design/code/test) sub-systems for Bayestree’s flagship enterprise AI products.
  • apply principles of reconfigurable architecture at scale having minimum latency and high extensibility for big data environment. Your design approach must follow robust architectural principles (Always Available, Always Learning, Extensible, Scalable, Secure & Usable).
  • be responsible for delivery of your modules end to end from design concretization to code through unit/pairwise testing starting from product feature specification in the domain of interactive/streaming data traffic for an ML product.

You must have:

A B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Sc, a SDE should have 3-5 years of experience in SW product development. We are specifically looking for a SDE who:

  • is highly proficient in Java (Core and Advanced) and Spring boot applications including making high quality, highly performing code under JVM environment to write product quality code.
  • has Good working knowledge in design of n-Tier databases (Postgres, NoSQL DBs e.g. Cassandra/MongoDB)
  • has worked in agile development environment under open source gitlab including testing, change management
  • is highly proficient in OOD, extensibility, usability, understand data pre- processing, design patterns, design of extensible APIs for northbound components
  • has exposure to full life cycle of product development of enterprise products driving a subsystem.
  • [Desirable] has experience in building scalable Middleware and Apache Spark

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