With point solutions, the whole is less than sum of its parts

By:Jackie Jaishankar

01 June, 2020

With point solutions, the whole is less than the sum of its parts. As head of support ops, you implemented “best in class” solutions for each of your contact channels, to allow customers choice of access to you. Your enterprise’s divisions have each implemented their own knowledge management platforms and store their KBs, SOPs, manuals etc. in a plethora of formats.

You also implemented an army of bots from different vendors targeting specific processes these bots claim to be the best at addressing, to add to or replace legacy scripts different teams have written over time.

Now a customer emails you about an issue. The email system cannot pull up solutions documented for similar issues on your call center system, and neither can directly read the manuals in your divisions’ systems. The agent sitting in the middle, provided she has all the right credentials, has to go into each individual system to extract the right information, with SLA clock ticking and more importantly, customers’ patience wearing thin with every passing minute.

Finally, she finds the right solution ... and it involves triggering 3 different bots and 4scripts to initiate transactions in 2 different systems. Not to speak of responding to customer’s email and sending a slew of SMS notifications to field services, materials store, transportation and the customer account manager. She can’t just trigger the bots and scripts because she has to monitor them till they complete the task fully without failure.

Is this coordination activity really the best use of your agents’ time?

Let Sainapse work the magic of extracting solutions from diverse sources and track downs treamactions to completion. And free up the support agent for what she is best at ... assuring the customer that they are cared for.