Searching for answers with an irate customer waiting

By:Jackie Jaishankar

18 May, 2020

Enterprises seldom if ever suffer from lack of documentation. Whether this documentation translates to actionable knowledge at the moment of truth – solving customer issues – is a whole different question.

Knowledge in an enterprise tends to grow without structure. People create artifacts as and when they need them. Duplicate versions of SOPs, KBs, manuals abound, reflecting not just wasted effort but also recipe for confusion with version control issues.

Multi-geography, multi-divisional enterprises compound this issue by deploying diverse systems for storing information which most times do not and cannot communicate with each other.Tenured employees are more for their ability to navigate this minefield of information chaos and less for the rich anecdotal experience they have. Data lakes therefore quickly turn data quicksands!

The upshot of all this is that a customer support agent handling a live issue of a usually irate customer, or an engineer trying to find the issue with design of an old product are spending upwards of 30% of their time (sometimes as high as 70%) in searching for answers they know exists somewhere in their organization. In the interest of time and service levels, they end up creating new and suboptimal workarounds to get past the issue at hand

Enterprise knowledge management has attempted to address this issue by tagging / labeling information sources and consolidating them into one or a few limited systems. This still needs users to be intimately aware of the taxonomy and specific search strings to use.

But what if you could leave your data as is where it is, yet find it on tap, searching with natural sounding queries with combination of English and German* words and your company acronyms as you (and of course your customers) usually do in Stuttgart? What if you are freed from the drudgery of opening long attachments in multiple data types to understand context of query better?

And to add to the value, find not just the right document but the right page and section of the document?

Sounds too good to be true?

Talk to us, and you can experience the power of Sainapse’s purpose built algorithms solve this issue once and for all.

*could be English and Spanish in Miami, English and Tamil and Chennai and English and Japanese in Osaka