Best autonomous chair customer service

How many times have one felt frustrated about not being able to reach the ‘knowledge level’ that’s needed to resolve a problem! This frustration manifests via demand to categorized with higher priority or being escalated to someone who’s hierarchically superior. None of these steps work beyond acting as a palliative for an irate customer.

Support engineers and agents are house trained to try and close an issue without escalating. Each problem therefore is a mini test of their knowledge and its not easy to give up when one’s getting tested. Human pride, loss of bonus and anxiety of being sent back to training lurk in background. Few resign to missing SLAs whereas many invoke innovative means of closing the case. Either way customer fury has just about begun.

Sainapse addresses this twin challenge via 3 distinct approaches:

  • Empowering customers with answers to ‘how to’ questions and taking them away from the queue.
  • Serving agents and engineers with solution recommen dations eliminating search time.
  • Auto escalating cases directly to appropriate ‘level’s and groups without waiting for Level 1’s agreement.

Setting up auto escalation via Sainapse requires:

  • Defining support organization structure, names of members/queues and escalation destinations ie. expert groups.
  • Identifying threshold levels of confidence score that would determine effectiveness of recommendations and failing which Sainapse would auto escalate to expert group/person completely by-passing Level 1

Auto escalation is an industry beating feature of Sainapse that redefines support rollout strategy especially for new product launches.Instead of taking time and laboring on FAQs and Knowl-edge documents before a product launch, expert groups could support a new product until Sainapse recommen-dations make the confidence threshold and then hando-ver to Level 1 agents/engineers.

Auto-escalation frees up Support Leaders from both missing SLAs and ‘missing customer delight despite all SLAs’

Sainapse knows what it does not know – and unlike a human, surfaces that gap in knowledge

Experience impact in weeks, not months

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