Customer support can make or break customer experience. And the digital-first customer wants problems resolved right first time, every time. All current options fall short on at least one of effectiveness, ease or emotion. Sainapse is here to deliver 3X better results as a transformative CX product, powered by deep-tech AI for producing a human-like response with machine-like accuracy. Being an omnichannel, omnilingual System of Intelligence that gleans purpose-built, patented algorithms, Sainapse can work in best-of-breed environments thru Low Code / No Code deployment.

Here’s how we deliver the Future of Support:

Future of customers' support experience: We get it right first time, every time. We make it easy to get help on any channel of choice and let customers to express issues in their own words. We enable menu-free cognitive self-help, and seamlessly transfer to assisted help when self-help is not effective.

Future of agent effectiveness: We deliver what the agent needs in a single pane of glass within the system they use. We empower agents to focus on customers and make them feel cared for, without having to worry about finding the right solutions and information.

Future of support operations: We scale support capacity non-linearly. We enable consistent customer experience, independent of autonomous or assistive modes, and every one of your support staff perform like your best. We deliver happier customers.

Future of support without pain: We integrate with existing systems with no-code low-code integration. We make deployment painless and rapid. We make usage seamless for customers and support staff, reducing the pain of change management.

Future proof transformation: We are continually learning, improving, and adapting to changing support requirements. We are extensible to new tools and processes, enabling enterprises to deploy Sainapse to evolving use cases. We augment capacity non-linearly, allowing enterprises to scale support to meet business growth without adding capacity.

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