Sainapse with AppDynamics solves incidents first time right - identifying and orchestrating remediations without any key words, expressions and rules. Sainapse Theme Discovery spots developing problems and makes it possible to plan and mitigate tomorrow's challenges today.

About the integration

Incoming alerts from AppDynamics notifies Sainapse Data Adaptor triggering its cognitive engine into action. Sainapse recommends downstream actions including decision around ticket creation, remediation actions and notification workflow. Sainapse allows users to move from assistive to autonomous seamlessly with increasing organizational readiness and accuracy.

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Sainapse® 1.9

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Sainapse® and AppDynamics

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Sainapse® and AppDynamics Integration

Why Sainapse?

Freedom from keywords and rules (No more defining expressions and updating rules with every little landscape change. Sainapse learns from manuals, existing knowledge and past resolutions)

Instant first time right (With >90% accuracy in case creation and >85% in resolution Sainapse delivers unmatched sustainability)

Intelligence at scale (Sainapse’ patent filed technology drives intelligent decision making from inside with enterprise class scalability, security and privacy)